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Get your ultimate Home Massage Experience in Singapore with SG Magic Touch Massage

Do you want the perfect way to get away in comfort of your own home? The best company providing home massage services Singapore with professional staff is SG Magic Touch Massage! Our top-tier Home Massage Service Singapore is made to help you relax, reduce tension, and revitalise both your body and mind and make your Home Massage Singapore and also the House Call Massage Singapore experience unforgettable!

Why Opt for a Home Massage at SG Magic Touch?

We take great satisfaction in bringing an exceptional massage experience to your door at SG Magic Touch Massage. Our group of knowledgeable therapists is committed to giving you the most luxurious spa experience possible so you may emerge feeling thoroughly renewed and invigorated.

-Based upon Your Needs

-flexibility and discretion

-licenced therapists with expertise

-Adaptable timetables

What You Get with SG Magic Touch Massage

Enjoy a fantastic body massage in Singapore that will whisk you away to a peaceful place with the best provider of Singapore body message which is SG magic touch massage. We promise an exceptional encounter that will leave you feeling renewed and energised thanks to the knowledge and enthusiasm of our team.

Why Opt for a Massage at SG Magic Touch?

Our Service

On-demand massage therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Home Massage Singapore

Experience the ultimate relaxation with SG Magic Touch Massage's Home Massage Service Singapore. Say goodbye to traffic jams and waiting rooms, as our skilled therapists bring the spa directly to your doorstep. Indulge in a serene ambiance within the comfort of your home, where you can unwind and destress while receiving a pampering massage tailored to your preferences. Our home massage service is thoughtfully designed to create a serene ambiance, transforming your living space into a haven of relaxation.

In-Room Massage Singapore

SG Magic Touch Massage offers a luxurious In-Room Massage experience in Singapore which is the best In-Room Massage Singapore, that brings the spa directly to your preferred location. Our expert therapists will create a calming atmosphere, allowing you to immerse yourself in pure relaxation without having to step outside. Indulge in the luxury of an in-room massage, tailored to your preferences and needs.

House Call Massage Singapore

Let SG Magic Touch Massage take care of you with our House Call Massage service in Singapore which is also the best House call massage Singapore. No need to brave the outside world; our skilled therapists will travel to your residence, ensuring you enjoy a stress-free and indulgent spa session at home.

With SG Magic Touch Massage, the spa comes to you! Say goodbye to the hassle of commuting and waiting in queues. Our house call massage Singapore service allows you to unwind in your own space while we take care of the rest. It's the ultimate convenience and luxury all rolled into one.

Call us for Home Massage Service Singapore

Get in touch with SG Magic Touch Massage for the perfect spa day. Do you wish to go on the SG Magic Touch massage's voyage of wonderful relaxation? It's simple to schedule a meeting! Simply give us a call or send us an email to reserve a spot. Our professional team would be pleased to assist you in making the best massage choice for your requirements.

You have the opportunity to practice relaxation today with a massage from SG Magic Touch. With our in-home massage service in Singapore, you can unwind, revitalize, and have fun. We're going to create a tranquil retreat in your house by bringing the spa experience their home massage Singapore. You must schedule an appointment. Start the spell now!

Client's Testimonial

"My experience was awesome. It was so relaxing and after the massage was done I still felt relaxed. You just need to keep doing what you are doing."


"What an unusual and incredibly relaxing experience. I can really appreciate the movement of the lymph and relaxing of muscles through pressure and warmth. I feel great!"


"I enjoy visiting here because i can have a different massage experience with each visit. Each massage therapist has a unique style and unique talents. A very relaxing massage by a professional masseur."


"My first visit and experience was pure bliss. The service is excellent and I would highly recommend to anyone."


Service & Price




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All out of town bookings are subjected to a $20 surcharge. And after 10.30 pm have to change 20$ for taxi. If you would like to do instant booking, just contact us at +6584627473, WhatsApp Called

There is a travelling surcharge from $20 after midnight (10.30 pm). Rush appointments are also subjected to a travelling surcharge. Please rest assured our therapists will not solicit any additional tips. There is no hidden cost whatsoever.