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About Our Service

We offer a Massage Outcall Service in Singapore . Get a massage without even leaving your front your location . You can booking online for massage . The therapists will come to your place home condo hotel super fast to provide a traditional massage service. We deliver to your home in the shortest time. We invite you to learn more about our services and see for yourself the benefits of a traditional massage. Therefore, it is important for us to provide you with all the necessary information about our services. 

Our philosophy is to provide top-quality services to our clients, who seek relaxation, enjoyment and rejuvenation of their bodies and minds. We pay special attention when hiring our therapists and on hygiene standards as well.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you wich massage is the right one for you.

Our Service

On-demand massage therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Client's Testimonial

"My experience was awesome. It was so relaxing and after the massage was done I still felt relaxed. You just need to keep doing what you are doing."


"What an unusual and incredibly relaxing experience. I can really appreciate the movement of the lymph and relaxing of muscles through pressure and warmth. I feel great!"


"I enjoy visiting here because i can have a different massage experience with each visit. Each massage therapist has a unique style and unique talents. A very relaxing massage by a professional masseur."


"My first visit and experience was pure bliss. The service is excellent and I would highly recommend to anyone."


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Service & Price


The traditional Thai massage increases the mobility of body, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, relieves pain, eliminates the stiffness of joints, supports the nervous system and reduces the amount of toxins in body. Choose to add aroma oil to your massage and you’ll take your relaxation to the next level with one of our carefully selected scents.

60 minutes 150$

90 minutes 180$

120 minutes 220$


Our Signature Best Reviewed Wellness Massage is performed with slow, soft and subtle touches throughout the body. The Best Reviewed Wellness Massage will take you to a unique sensory journey, providing moments of intense pleasure and relaxation. This massage will provide you with general well-being, on a physical, mental and emotional level. It also promotes self-esteem and self-confidence.

60 minutes 230$

90 minutes 300$

120 minutes 350$


A Nude Sliding Body Massage is truly probably the most incredible massage you will ever receive. Because the title suggests, a therapist or masseuse will use her body slide massage you. This body sliding massage is nice for many who have insomnia. Best of all, a body sliding massage helps to slow down the ageing process.

60 minutes 270$

90 minutes 350$

120 minutes 450$


Do you want to disconnect from the world? This will be your best solution. You can enjoy a relaxation massage by two female therapists. Working with 4 hands, this is a pure indulgence where you can relax all the muscles of your body. A massage that will give you greater body self-awareness, and that will help you to release any accumulated tensions and offer moments of pleasure with your own body and mental relaxation.

60 minutes 550$

90 minutes 680$

120 minutes 750$



All out of town bookings are subjected to a $20 surcharge. And after 10.30 pm have to change 20$ for taxi. If you would like to do instant booking, just contact us at +6584627473, WhatsApp Called

There is a travelling surcharge from $20 after midnight (10.30 pm). Rush appointments are also subjected to a travelling surcharge. Please rest assured our therapists will not solicit any additional tips. There is no hidden cost whatsoever.